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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

May 29, 1996

Tasha Boehland of B-H High School has received the 1996 Richard G. Drew Creativity Award from 3M. The award honors high school juniors throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin who have demonstrated creative flair and persistence in technical or scientific activities.


The Bears B-Squad softball team played their last game of the season against Wadena on Thursday, May 16. Wadena came out with one run against the Bears, ending the game at 3-2. This made only their third loss this season out of 15 games. The players consisted of Jenny Anderson, Dee Becker, Candi Bowman, Nicole Bowman, Bobbie Derry, Charity Graphenteen, Tracy Graphenteen, Mariana Handt, Stacey Johannes, Judy Klemek, Kristian Rolly, and Pattie Jo Samuelson.


Earlier this year, Gary Sundby of Bertha sat in the county jail for six days. In district court, Judge Harlan Nelson dismissed the petty misdemeanor charge of driving after his license had been suspended. “The way I’m going to read this, is it took the state six months to get its computer changed,” Nelson said. “I’m not going to report this as a conviction,” the judge continued. “All the hassle in the past is corrected. There was nothing he didn’t do that he couldn’t do.”


There were 170 people that voted in the 1996 Bertha-Hewitt school board election on May 21. The results for the two, five-year terms were: Bert Davenport received 26 votes; Mick Stokes 56; Pete Wallner, 106; and Richard Decker received 120 votes. The results for the one, three-year term was Judy Fosness who received 150 votes.

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