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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

June 26, 1996

Two students from Bertha-Hewitt were recognized as Outstanding Vocation Education Students by the Freshwater Education District. The students were nominated by vocational teachers at their school and have excelled in character, leadership, service, skill competence and scholarship. Caroline Kirscht likes vocational classes because they are “hands-on”. Over the years she has taken woods classes to make various items. Josh Hennagir has been involved in business simulation, accounting and computers.


The Bertha-Hewitt softball team finished their season on a very strong note. They missed advancing to the State Tournament with a loss to Morris Area. Letter winners were: Erica Rach, Staci Sieling, Nichole Wilhelmi, Heidi Brunko, Faith Klebs, Kristi Shamp, Nanette Ostlund, Marlene Handt, Renee Cline, Amy Ashbaugh and Jenna Schafer. MVP was Staci Sieling.

75 Years Ago

June 27, 1946

A northbound Great Northern passenger train was derailed two miles south of Bertha early Monday morning when it hit a stretch of soft track which was apparently caused by the excessive rains the past week. Two people were lightly bruised, but none were injured. The train was progressing at a normal rate of speed, about 30 miles per hour when it hit the soft stretch of track. The diesel locomotive and the car immediately behind it stayed on the track, but the other three cars left the track as they came to the two-block-long soft spot.


At a meeting to be held at the Bottemiller Garage on June 28, it will be determined whether a sufficient number of local veterans are interested in training in agricultural pursuits to establish a class. Twenty members are necessary to establish the class. Under the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act opportunity is provided for every veteran of World War II to obtain training in the occupation of his choice in the community where he wishes to reside.


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