Mask-maker—another type of “super” hero

by Karin L. Nauber

They say that superheroes wear masks. But what about those who make the masks for everyday people to wear to keep themselves and others as safe as possible during this COVID-19 fight?

Meet Katrina Nauber. She has made well over 500 masks since this pandemic began and is still making more to help keep people safe.

“People see me in the store and ask about the mask I’m wearing and want to know where I got it. I tell them I made it and they ask if I can make one for them, too,” she said.

Nauber has had time for the past several weeks to work on this project as she has been temporarily laid off from her work at STEP in Browerville. She was recently called back to work part-time.

Nauber has sewn on projects before, but nothing of this magnitude.

She has learned to improvise, too, as many supplies have been in short supply including the elastic for the ear pieces. . . .

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