Masog steps back from being the organist after 52 years

Ted Masog played the keyboard at St. Frederick’s Catholic Church for the last time on December 28 as he decided to retire and let someone else take over.

by Trinity Gruenberg

His fingers slid across the keyboard with a smile on his face as he played one last time at St. Frederick’s Catholic Church on Saturday, December 28.

Ted Masog decided it was time to retire from playing the organ/keyboard at the church.

Masog is well known in the community for teaching instrumental music, along with some vocal music and Spanish, at the Verndale School, where the auditorium was named after him.

His piano playing began when his mother got him started on lessons in fifth grade. He also studied the organ in college.

Masog and his wife Ladonna moved around a few time before settling in Verndale in 1967. Within the year, the church needed a new organist and Masog stepped in and has been playing, most of the time, ever since. . . .

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