Mason's Monolog

We may set goals in life, but it is achieving them that is a true accomplishment. I have several goals...both materialistic and life goals.

My first one I’ve accomplished twice now, and that goal is owning two cars at the same time. I owned a 1995 Saturn and a Monte Carlo and now I still have the Monte Carlo and also own a vehicle I just bought recently, a 1998 Saturn. This, obviously, is a materialistic goal, but one I strive for nonetheless. They may not be top of the line, brand new, loaded-with-options cars, but they’re mine, and I enjoy owning and driving them.

My second goal is making myself more of a public figure, so to speak. I’m doing that more or less having my photos and articles printed in the paper every week. I’d also like to own a photography business or maybe even run my own automotive shop one day.

I also have a desire to build and drive a race car. I could very easily race build the Monte Carlo. It has more power right out of the box. It has a solid and capable platform for racing and has the power. It already has a history in NASCAR. It’d be quite fitting, I think.

Someday, I plan to leave the Long Prairie area. I don’t want to move too far from home, but if I decide to, I know I have a home across the states in Florida. It’s an option anyway. But if I did leave town, I’d more than likely move somewhere in the state.

My fifth and final goal is to find a career I enjoy. I have a few options in mind: photography, staying with BPP and the INH full-time if the opportunity arises, getting my CDL and becoming an over the road truck driver or becoming an automotive technician. I realize that being as young as I am, I have time to explore my options and decide what I want to do for sure. I’ve explored photography and obviously my job at the news office and I enjoy both of these paths. I realize the day will come when I need to make a decision. That day may not be today or a year from today, but one day it will come.


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