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If you recall from previous articles, I’m in the process of choosing from three possible career paths: automotive mechanics, over the road truck driver or photography.

If I decide automotive mechanics is the choice for me, there are several options I can choose from going down this path, from working in a shop repairing cars to pulling parts from cars at a junkyard. I’m currently looking at the latter option as there are two junkyards located within five miles of my house. The commute would be quick, I wouldn’t have to worry about having a certification and I know I’d like my job because I’d be working with cars and that’s something I enjoy doing. Working at a shop is also a good idea, but it’s much more expensive. I’d have to buy many dollars worth of tools because they are not supplied. Most shops also require certification which means college debt, as well. It’s a good option, but, financially, I don’t want to go that deep into debt at just 18 years old.

On another note, over the road (OTR) truck driving is something I’ve wanted to do for years. But I need to obtain a CDL (commercial driver’s license) to even think about a career in that field. I like the thought of driving all day. I also know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Drivers have to deal with plenty of questionable people on the road. They also put in long, hard days loading and unloading their trailers. And sometimes travel conditions may not be that great. They also have the chance of getting into an accident and that goes on your record whether it’s their fault or not. Back to the job at hand...I’m not afraid of the hard work and I do enjoy being behind the wheel...but I guess I will continue exploring my options a bit more.

Last, but not least, photography is a profession I’ve had experience in for the past five years. I’ve photographed weddings, taken senior photos, family photos, etc. When I was hired at the news office, I took sports photos most of the time. I took photos at summer festivals, as well. I did gain knowledgeable experience. But the truth of the matter is that it’s significantly harder to get a job if you don’t have a certain amount of time and experience under your belt. It also doesn’t help that nowadays people can take out their cell phones and snap photos themselves instead of hiring a photographer. There is a difference in the quality of photos taken with a cell phone or a high quality professional camera. I guess it all depends on how particular a person is. Hopefully, for me, I will gain more experience and my photography career will grow in due time.


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