Mason's Monolog

I think it’s safe to say that summer is officially here. I know I’ve taken advantage of the warm days and sunshine for some fun activities. I’ve also been out cruising with my windows down. Let’s be honest here...who needs air conditioning when you’ve got a nice breeze on a beautiful summer’s day? Now that the school year has ended, I want to talk about some fun summer activities I hope to partake in this year.

First and foremost, something I enjoy, that will appeal to you car guys and girls out there: car shows and car meets. I look forward to going to at least one of each this year.

We have a beautiful car scene here in central Minnesota. We’ve got everything from classic muscle cars to tuners to purpose built track cars to the stance scene. We’ve got people around here that take their cars to the racetrack in Brainerd for the drag strip, their road course, and of course, the drift events. Someday I want to run the road course and see what kind of lap time I can get. I want to see the drift events they hold. Participating may come one day, but I’d want to build a car for that purpose.

For anyone interested, my favorite car show in Todd County is the New Classics Car Show. If they’re allowed to hold one this year, it’ll be their third annual show. I made it to their first one, but unfortunately missed last year’s show. I would recommend going if you’re someone who enjoys and appreciates cars like I do. They also had a parts market and some bikes too.

The second activity on my list is summer festivals like Browerville days, Clarissa days, etc. if they are allowed to be held this year. I know they are cancelling and postponing some events because of COVID-19. I like attending the area festivals because they’re lots of fun for the whole family. Usually there are a variety of activities for adults and children to partake in.

Last year each town held many fun events—some of which included a treasure hunt for the kids, bouncy houses, an archery war with foam tipped arrows, an acrobatics show and face painting. For the adults there were concerts that went well into the night, baseball and softball tournaments and they also had raffles.

Hopefully, we can attend some fun events throughout the summer. I’d definitely recommend a summer festival if you can find one that’s being held.


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