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25 Years Ago March 30, 1995 Brothers Scott and Jason Brown opened Brown’s Repair at 401 Main Street in November. Scott is a graduate of Willmar Technical College and has three years experience in metal fabrication and welding. Both Jason and Scott gained a lot of experience working on their father Robert’s farm, two miles southwest of Browerville, where they handled a lot of machinery. Both brothers said they wanted to work in the area and are pleased to be back in Browerville. They offer general automotive repairs, including engine rebuilding and other welding specialties. ********** February was “I Love to Read Month” at Christ the King School in Browerville. A goal of 30,000 pages was set and kept track of by pasting paper gumballs on a poster of a giant gumball machine. When the tally was in, the kids surpassed their goal with a total of 37,000 pages. As a reward a bubble gum party was held with a contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble. Mitch Johnson was the overall champ and Miss Barthelemy won the teacher’s contest. 75 Years Ago March 31, 1945 Work began this week on remodeling and redecorating the apartment above Gaida’s Grocery Store, which was partly destroyed by fire last fall. Mr. Cech plans to remodel the upper floor into two modern housekeeping apartments. This will help out the housing situation in Browerville which has been none too good as of late. ********** Leo Reamer has accepted a position as mechanic at the Marlow Garage beginning his new duties last week. Formerly, Mr. Reamer was employed at the Cech Garage.

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