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Memories Gone By

News from Browerville's Past

25 Years Ago

July 16, 1998

Larry and his son Eric have been farming for many years north of Browerville and are very pleased with this year’s corn crop which reached over eight feet by the Fourth of July. “It’s a jungle out there,” said Larry after he went out walking in the field last week. Larry explained that he farms other acres that have been too wet this year and have shown very poor production but the sand/peat mixture of soil here is perfect for the production of the corn. The 57-acre field is irrigated, but Larry said he has not been able to operate the irrigation system because it rains every time he starts it up and it has never completed a full swing.


Fire Chief Bill Buhl of the Browerville Fire Department received a $1000 donation from Daryl Brever of Central Bi-Products. The money will be used to purchase equipment for the fire department.

75 Years Ago

July 15, 1948

An electrical and rain storm on Sunday afternoon stopped all use of electrical appliances in the village. All gas stations, homes, restaurants, etc. were without power from 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon until about midnight. The power company workmen worked like troopers to repair the damage to the line, which we understand was at the transformer, east of the village. A very heavy rain benefited local crops greatly. As the saying goes, “nothing is so bad but what it is good for someone.”


Ed Fisher’s school bus will take the Midget Players and fans between the ages of 6-15, free of charge, to all out-of-town Midget ball games. Transportation is sponsored by the Browerville Commercial Club. The bus will leave from the bank corner at 12:30 p.m.



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