Monson called away from pastoring

Pastor Eric Monson mingled with the crowd at the Lion's Park in Eagle Bend. A celebration was held in his honor as it was his last day as a pastor at the Eagle Bend Assemblies of God on August 9.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Pastor Eric Monson has served at the Eagle Bend Assemblies of God Church for the past three years. He announced to his congregation that he felt he was being called away from his pastoral duties. His last day was Sunday, August 9.

“We’re not done pastoring. We feel like we are being released from here,” said Monson.

Monson, 29, has been a pastor for nearly a decade. He sought his wife, Ashley’s, counsel and she was in agreement. As they transition out, they are looking to reside in the northern Todd, southern Wadena area until they can get their bearings straight. They will remain in the Eagle Bend area through mid-September. . . . .

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