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New military display at the Clarissa Museum

by Trinity Gruenberg and

Rita Stracek

The Clarissa Museum has a new military display. It honors four local veterans from every era of conflict. The display was unveiled during an open house held on July 23.

The museum received a Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grant for $6353 for the Clarissa Community Military History Exhibit. The grant helped to pay for the display cabinets which were built by Gary Stracek.

Rita Stracek, who assists with the Todd County Museum, wrote the grant application for the Clarissa Museum. The Camp Ripley Museum gave her suggestions on how to display the uniforms with the veterans stories.

“We wanted the locals, for the community,” explained Stracek.

The new display illustrates the stories, uniforms and pictures of four local veterans: Felix Korblick, World War I; Russell Lundstrom, World War 2; James M. Anderson, Korea; and Val Petersen, Vietnam. . .



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