Oh, What a Tangled Web second place at Sub-Sections

The Bertha-Hewitt one act play “Oh, What a Tangled Web" directed by Chelsey Schmitz took second place at Sub-Sections in Wadena on January 25. They will move on to Sections in Hawley on Saturday, February 1. Jan called her sister Chris’ employer, the Quigleys, to tell them Chris was ill, so she couldn't go to the dance with her friend Tim. Jan couldn’t convince the Quigleys and ended up telling them Chris had died. Chris goes to a friend's house to get some curlers and had no idea what had been said on the phone. Chris and Jan’s parents, Frank and Shirley, return from the police station to report her mom’s cat, Juliet, was missing. Shortly after, the Quigleys arrive with cake to offer their condolences about Chris, but the parents think it’s for the missing cat. Tim shows up looking for Chris and the Quigleys tell him the news. Misunderstandings and comedy were abundant. In the end Chris came home and explained what happened. “I thought she’d come up with something more believable than my obituary,” said Chris. Front row: Zach Baumgartner (Stan Glowacki), Madi Johnson (Chris), Elisa Knoll (student director), Kaija Weishalla (Jan), RJ Maki (Frank) and Shelby Bakken (Shirley). Back row: Brendan Adams (Tim), Megan Wesseon (Tech), Katlyn Kyar (Mrs. Quigley), Ryan Knoll (Mr. Quigley). Crew: Levi Stearns and Nathan Blashack. See more photos inside.

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