Petro sentenced to nearly six years in prison

Ryan Paul Petro, 35, of Wadena, was sentenced on January 13 in Wadena County District Court. He was convicted on six of the 14 charges stacked against him. Following years of criminal history, Petro will serve just under six years in the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, according to court documents.

Petro was on supervision for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and has a history of felony criminal history involving theft, receiving stolen property, controlled substances, and burglaries. His sentencing included charges from 2018 to his escape from custody in October 2019.

On August 18, 2018, law enforcement received a call about an unknown male inside a woman’s residence who had since left. Her son was in the basement with some friends playing video games when this unknown male came out of the bathroom wearing women’s leggings and a red tank top holding a red bag. Two days later, the woman met with officers stating clothing belonging to her and her daughter was missing.

On August 21, Petro’s residence was searched. Assorted women’s clothing and the red bag were found, along with other items. The estimated cost of the clothing was $2137. . .

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