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Raising awareness about PTSD and veteran suicide

Marching their leg of Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March, Trent Dawson, Geoff Bosse, Aaron Jones and Kandi Qual passed through Verndale on May 27, raising awareness about PTSD and veteran suicide through the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Remembering one of their own and raising awareness about PTSD and veteran suicide, a group of four marched from Little Falls to Fargo beginning on May 27.

As the groups rotated every few miles, a group was spotted marching through Verndale on Thursday evening. Trent Dawson, Kandi Qual, Geoff Bosse, and Aaron Jones carried rucksacks weighing at least 22 pounds to feel the weight of the 22 veterans who take their own lives daily.

Dawson carried the flag for the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation during this fourth annual ruck march.

The organization was founded in 2015 by friends and family of Oberg, from Ulen, who took his own life. . .

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