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News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

April 22, 1998

Elmer Radueg, age 87, is pictured with his grandson, Mike Ahrens, and granddaughter, Glenda Hess. They were among the donors who donated 112 pints of blood for 52 years and he said, “It’s a habit...I think.” Ahrens has been donating for 18 years and claimed, “I feel good when I get done [giving blood].” This is Hess’ first time donating, and she did it “to help others.”


Freshman Neil Greenwaldt of Eagle Bend is a member of the Central Lakes Baseball Team that has won five of its first six games this season. Greenwaldt plays outfield and second base for the Raiders. “Neil is a valuable and promising young athlete who could contribute greatly to our success as we build a unit,” said Raiders Coach Jim Russell.

66 Years Ago

April 25, 1957

Lightning caused many dollars worth of damage when it struck at the Clyde Taber farm at about 4 a.m. on Friday, April 19, by burning out motors, fuses, etc. Friday night it struck at the Richard Guse farm, killing one cow and damaging the barn. In both cases, the telephones were burned out in addition to several others in that neighborhood. Fortunately, no fire ignited from the lightning bolts.


Some person in the farming community around Eagle Bend may be the winner of a sensational new 1957 Ford Ranchero in a “giveaway” being conducted by the Eagle Bend Produce Company and the makers of Hubbard’s Sunshine Feeds and Concentrates.



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