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News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

August 19, 1998

Eagle Valley School has some changes in teachers this year. Cindy Hudalla, returning from leave, will teach fourth grade. Kathleen Cary will teach English and geography. Oliana Sharp Anders will also be teaching English and geography. Reid Fore will be the special education teacher. Cherie Walker will be the new speech teacher, and Gina LeBrun will teach high school music.


Golfers at the Double Eagle Golf Club south of Eagle Bend have been enjoying a view of the new addition to the clubhouse this summer. Diners have been enjoying the bright clean new dining room inside. The three story addition includes 32’x64’ of dining space and a 20’x32’ kitchen addition. There are living quarters in the upper level. The previous dining room is a more casual congregation area for golfers or diners. The new facility will be open for dining year round and they will be booking Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

66 Years Ago

August 22,1957

A week ago Monday, Lee Piquette narrowly escaped serious injury when an acetylene welder he was using blew up. The explosion sounded like a charge of dynamite going off. Lee stated that he received no burns or injuries from the explosion but he sure got a real scare.


Airman 1st Class O’Dean Hokanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hokanson of Eagle Bend, was chosen Airman of the Month for July of 1957.



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