News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

February 8, 1995

Eagle Valley Snow Days candidates are Janelle Rising, Mirian Holte, Joy Wiltermuth, Beth Marquedant, Jenny Berg, Nick Holmquist, Brandon Murch, Stacy Reidel, Richie Thorson and Chad Piepho. The coronation and variety show will be held on Monday, February 13, at 8 p.m. The snow sculptures will be done on Friday.


The Eagle Valley one act play, The Devil, from Guy DeMaupassant’s play by Jules Tasca, will be performed for the public on February 9 at the Eagle Valley High School Auditorium in Eagle Bend. The play took second at the sub-section contest at Morris on February 4. Pictured are: Debbie Erickson, Holly Notch-stage manager, LeAnn Morrow, Rhiannon Stuart, Donna Notch, Bonnie Beach, Isaac Bradlich, Annie Winkler, Grant Hest, Kelly Greene, Hope Grewe, Brandice Line, Jodie Taggart-student director, Tina Mertz-director, Jenny Pollard, Jenny Erickson, Chris Godding and Mike Pontius.

50 Years Ago

February 5, 1970

The Eagle Bend Volunteer Fire Department, with two calls last week, completed the busiest month of January on record with a total of five calls during the one month period. The two most recent calls were to the George Behrmann farm home west of the village on Thursday where a chimney fire prompted the family to call the department as a precautionary measure. And to the Emil Reierson farm home east of the village the following day where a pump house was destroyed by an early morning blaze.


Beacon interviews:

Q-What do you think about girls wearing slacks to school? Approve or disapprove?

A-“It’s up to the girls. I approve of it.”—Cindy Kottom; “I approve.” ­—Cindy Johnson; “I suppose a dress is more appropriate for a girl, however, I like to wear slacks. They would be warmer and I think they look better than real short skirts.”­—Jeanne Kae Simar.

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