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News from Eagle Bend's Past

25 Years Ago

May 8, 1996

Delbert Pooler was about to help a customer weigh some scrap metal at Eagle Bend Metals on Tuesday morning when the telephone rang. He was looking right at the clock when he answered the phone. It was 10:12 a.m. He was about to get a bomb threat. The caller’s voice was muffled and had a strong foreign accent that Pooler couldn’t understand. The caller said “There will be a bomb going off at 10:30 at your place.” Pooler tried to ask her a question but she hung up. Pooler immediately called his wife, Esther. She called 911. He got his customer unloaded and out of there in two minutes. By that time, police and sheriff’s deputies were arriving. Police Chief Ryan VanDenheuvel and the Eagle Bend Fire Department began evacuating the area. The road was blocked all the way around the business. The local police and fire departments were assisted by the Todd County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Browerville and Bertha police departments. The business, the Pooler’s home, son Gregg’s home, and the Vet’s Club that Esther manages were evacuated. Nothing was found and everyone was allowed back in their homes around noon.


The Eagle Valley track team finally had a chance to show that hard work at practices paid off. The team is young, with 24 total girls and boys, but very determined to do their best. The team consists of Isaac Bradlich, Bonnie Beach, Rhiannon Stuart, Trisha Hobler, Simon Weber, Priscilla Serbus, Dan Rostenhost, Sandy Ripczinski, Steph Nordquist, Luke Bican, Melissa Prather, Abby Weber, Ryan Meyer, Jessica Serbus, Danielle Row, Jessica Roggenkamp, Rhonda Brekke, Sonja Stoterau, Brian Prather, J.J. Korfe, Sean Nordquist, Trent Strandberg, Mark Kassube and Scott Bican.

50 Years Ago

May 6, 1971

Richard (Ricky) Mittag, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mittag of Eagle Bend, was selected the 1971 Minnesota State Star Farmer at the State FFA Banquet held on Monday, May 3. The banquet was held at the St. Paul Auditorium with approximately 4000 people in attendance. The presentation was made by James Sorlie, State FFA President. The award is given to only one outstanding farmer candidate each year. Mittag was selected as the top candidate amount the 279 candidates.


Groundbreaking services will be held on Sunday, May 9, on the site in Eagle Bend recently cleared for the new church building of Faith Lutheran.


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