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Slime and spaghetti are on the menu...

There was much excitement between the small groups as spaghetti towers began to take shape. Shelby Denny was elated to see her creation standing on its own.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Edible slime and building towers with spaghetti may be all fun and games, but it also serves a greater purpose as one of the Verndale School’s summer enrichment activities.

Third Grade Teacher Kristin Johnson thought of this idea with the goal of working on reading, problem-solving, creativity (highly creative or “out-of-the-box”), inquiry skills, math and science skills, engineering-design thinking, critical thinking and collaboration.

On Tuesday, June 22, the nine students in third through fifth grade were busy reading directions and adding ingredients to their jello to make edible slime. They ran into a small hiccup when they discovered their packages of sugar-free jello were smaller than the three ounces the recipe called for.

Using their problem-solving skills, students carefully added small amounts of water and corn starch to the concoction until they reached the desired slimy consistency. . .



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