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Teaching the next generation the art of drawing comics

by Trinity Gruenberg

Drawing has been a long-time passion for Raye Ludovissie of Verndale and Bob Mitts of Staples. These two enjoy drawing comic book characters. They began teaching the next generation how to create characters during Title 1 night at the Verndale School on January 24.

Growing up, they were captivated by comic books and cartoons. Ludovissie learned to read by reading comic books.

Mitts and Ludovissie met while attending Central Lakes College in Staples. They both went for commercial art and graphic arts.

Reading comics, watching cartoons and anime (animated works), attending comic conventions, as well as their shared passion for Dungeons and Dragons, serves as inspiration for drawing their favorite characters and creating new ones.

“Drawing got my mind out of home and school and just relaxed me,” said Ludovissie.

He explained art runs in his family, and it was his family that taught him how to draw.

“I remember in sixth grade I drew Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on everything. My teacher hated it,” he chuckled. “‘If you have time to draw, you have time to get the assignment right?’ was their battle cry.” . . .




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