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The Galley is hosting a grand opening

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Galley of Verndale is hosting their grand opening on August 27. Owner Kami Fritz is ecstatic to have a carnival and car show to show her appreciation to Verndale.

She rented the building in January and got right to work cleaning the place up. She opened her doors in February and the community has embraced her and her business.

Fritz explained she was from “all over” being born in Montana, residing in different states such as Nebraska but she calls Rochester home.

She joined the Marines and was in boot camp in South Carolina but destroyed her knee. She resided in South Carolina for a few years.

Fritz became a real estate agent at 17, and worked in that occupation for many years. While the money was good, she was no longer satisfied with the job and wanted to make a change. She ended up taking a job changing oil in vehicles. She was promoted to the store’s manager six months later.

“I was just having a hard time finding my place,” explained Fritz...



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