The Ongoing Saga of a Girl and her Scale

by Karin L. Nauber

Wow! Talk about stress eating... If you are anything like me you have been measuring the days by the times of day you eat something. When I get up, I have breakfast. Then, if I’m still hungry, I might supplement breakfast with a handful of chips. After that, I count the time until lunch. Sometimes lunch is at 10:30 a.m. depending on how poorly I slept the night before and how early I got up and had breakfast. Like a lot of you, I, too, have been plagued by poor sleeping. I toss and turn and have weird dreams and wake up anywhere from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. Since most nights I don’t go to sleep until after Midnight, getting up at 3 a.m. can be a bit painful! After I have had lunch, I count the hours until supper, desert and snack! The last couple of nights I have skipped the Midnight snack because my blood sugar has been in the mid 300s in the morning. It worries my mom and I hate when I worry her. This morning my reading was 254 so it was down a little. I have also gained nine pounds!!! While nine pounds may not seem like a lot, trust me, try toting nine pounds of anything extra around on your body and it gets heavy. So that’s the bad news—weight wise anyway. Now let’s talk about exercise. Yes, I hear those groans. Believe me, I hear them. It has been well over two months since I have done any “real” exercise. I have walked around the block a few times, but that is it. Typically, I do at least a good 30 minute workout every day. Now, most days if I am not working, I am sitting around... I do rock my rocking chair, but I am pretty sure that doesn’t count. Since every day feels like a new year I decided now would be a good time to create a “new year’s resolution.” I have an idea for what I want to eat and what I need to eat to maintain optimal health. I will begin writing my new menu plans this week and have those finished by Friday. Secondly, I will force myself to get outside and ride my bike every day. (Unless it is raining...I’m not a fanatic, you know!) On a daily basis, rain or shine, I will do a walking workout exercise in my home for a minimum of 15 minutes working myself up to 30 minutes per day again. These are small things I can do for my health—both physical and mental. We have to do things that are good for us even when we don’t feel like it. The next time I write this article, I will include a sample menu and a sample workout (links) for you to look at and consider implementing for yourself. Until next time, be well!


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