Tillman takes the reins as pastor for children’s ministry

by Trinity Gruenberg


Stepping into his new role on January 5 as the children’s pastor and food shelf director, Patrick Tillman Phagan, 25, is excited to join the Verndale Family Life Church.

Just call him Pastor Tillman.

With so many “Patricks” and only so many nicknames, he chose to use his generational name, Tillman, when he entered college.

Tillman hails from a town north of Chicago, Illinois, and is the eldest of his siblings with two brothers and an adopted sister. He landed in Verndale after passing through Montana and North Dakota.

“When I gave my life to Christ I felt a calling from God,” said Tillman.

He didn’t follow the calling right away. He actually began college to become a marine biologist. His mother is from Wisconsin and his father is from Florida. When they would visit family in the Florida Keys they would visit a dolphin research center which piqued his interest.

Tillman was homeschooled which made his visits to Florida easier. He was able to work around the tourist season. He enjoyed swimming and fishing. Actually, he never even thought about ministry at the time.

“God knew what I was good at, even though I didn’t realize it at the time,” said Tillman. . .

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