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Todd County Board of Commissioners Work Session: Property taxes raise concerns and voices

by Karin L. Nauber

While a recession doesn’t lessen the need for roads or schools or the sheriff’s department, it does lessen the amount of money people have to pay their bills including their property taxes.

At a special work session held on April 19, the Todd County Board of Commissioners, along with state representatives John Poston and Ron Kresha, heard just how much the raises in property taxes were potentially hurting the citizens and businesses of Todd County.

The meeting, which was held at the Expo Building on the Fairgrounds to accommodate the 220 plus citizens that attended, was an informational one about property taxes.

At the meeting, Assessor Chris Odden explained through a Powerpoint presentation how property values were determined.

But the restless crowd didn’t really care much about that. What the bottom line was is how much their taxes would be going up.

Odden said that the property valuations did not mean that taxes would go up. . .



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