Verndale Area Christian Academy now open

The current kindergarten and first grade classroom.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The last wall of the Verndale Family Life Church was built eight years after moving into what was once the former truss building facility. An electrical fire destroyed the original church.

The church may finally be completed, but there is much more to celebrate. There is more construction underway as they prepare to add on for the community’s new Christian school, the Verndale Area Christian Academy.

In June, during the continuing pandemic, the board of the Verndale Family Life Church voted to open a Christian school.

The Agnew family: Kendall, Megan and Taylor. Taylor is the kindergarten and first grade teacher for the Verndale Area Christian Academy.

They started out small, posted for a teaching position in July and someone answered the call.

The Verndale Area Christian Academy is a private, year-round, evangelical Christian school located in the church facility.

The idea came about from several factors and for several different reasons. The main one being the strong Christian community and parents that wanted an education that aligned with their beliefs.

They began with opening up kindergarten and first grade taught by Taylor Agnew.

Pastor Amos Self envisioned one day they would have an elementary school. Their daycare program was the beginning. . .

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