Verndale City Council attends to regular business

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on February 8.

Rural Water Apprenticeship

Bob Klug with Minnesota Rural Water has been assisting in the search for the mysterious water leak.

Matt Uselman, the maintenance supervisor, contacted Klug about the apprenticeship program for Chase Graba. The two-year program would allow Graba to become a certified operator. The main goal of this program is to produce a better qualified, well-rounded operator.

Graba would have 144 hours of training each year, with some online classes, along with some training with Klug. The curriculum hasn’t been finalized yet by the Minnesota Department of Labor.

There are grants available to help pay for training, courses, some salary, but they are not guaranteed. Rural Water will apply for the grant and will disburse the funds depending on the number of apprentices signed up. . .

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