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Verndale City Council: Gas station may be up and running by end of July

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on June 8.

Gas Station

Kim Rife introduced herself to the city council. She is a Sebeka native and returned to the area two years ago from Dickinson, North Dakota to take over the family business, Rife’s Stop N Shop in Sebeka. Rife is looking to purchase the Shell gas station in Verndale as a sister station and plans to re-brand it as Marathon.

She has received many calls and messages asking about her plans for the gas station.

“I want to get the Verndale gas station up and running and re-branded and that’s my next project,” said Rife.

Among the many community boards she is a part of she recently added the Wadena DAC to her list. She would like to demolish the gas station in Sebeka and rebuild.

“I want to bring the same thing [to build it up again] to Verndale. I put my heart and soul into it [my business],” said Rife.

She asked the council for their input on a carwash...what does the community need? She also asked if they need another liquor store?

The council shared they previously had a liquor store on Highway 10 and it didn’t fare well. Council Member Tara Erckenbrack liked the idea of a carwash as there were so few around. Council Member Ardith Carr asked about getting hunting licenses and bait. Rife said they do that at their current location. She would also provide hot food with a deli. . . .



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