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Verndale City Council: Moving ahead with plans to open the bar

The back entrance remodel of the Verndale Liquor Store is coming along.

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on May 11.

Water Project

Clif Allen with Moore Engineering gave an update on the water treatment plant and water tower.

They approved engineering amendment number four with Moore Engineering for $23,400. They have been waiting on this as there was an extension for the contractors that added six months to their completion date and workload. He added that it looks like there may be $50,000 left over from this project for the water treatment plant.

Approved partial pay estimate number five, final payment for J&J Excavating for $19,538 contingent on closeout documentation. There is $7542 that was not spent. Also signed the certificate of completion.

Fire Chief Mike Madsen shared the Star of Life award the Verndale Fire Department received from Tri-County Health Care.

Approved the professional services contract for Moore Engineering for $6761.

Approved payment number 15 for Eagle Construction for $25,709 for the water treatment plant. There were a total of five change orders under $52,000. Site work is taking place. They are putting down a gravel base for the road and paving was to take place that Friday. This should under-run the contract approximately $20,000.

Allan hasn’t heard anything new on the water tower project or the status on the quiet title action for the lot as many offices are closed. . . .



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