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Verndale City Council: Possible new convenience store, community center

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held their regular meeting on July 13.

Request for Tax Increment Financing

Brian Hagen requested $70,000 in tax increment financing (TIF) to build a restaurant, tavern, convenience store and gas station, according to the proposal.

The plan is to build an 8160 square foot commercial building, to be located at 208 Mason Avenue East in Verndale, for a total cost of $1,100,000. They are looking to create seven full-time jobs and two part-time jobs.

The council approved the public hearing for the TIF district scheduled for August 17 at 6 p.m.

Hagen added that it is a business that’s good for Verndale and one that is needed.

Public Works

Supervisor Matt Uselman received a quote for the sidewalk in the park and to replace a small section of Brown Street North. The quote was for $17,153. The tree in the park, used as the Christmas tree, was removed for the new sidewalk. Another tree by the playground will be used for that purpose. Uselman said it is uncertain if the work will be done this year or next spring. The council accepted the bid for the sidewalk. . . .



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