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Verndale City Council: Tri-County relaunches building project, looks at options for Verndale Clinic

Equipment has begun to arrive at the location for the new water tower construction on 3rd Avenue Southeast.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale City Council held its regular meeting on March 8. Council Members Daryl Jacobson and Tony Stanley were absent.

Transit Committee

Commissioner Mike Weyer is on the transit committee for the Friendly Rider. He noticed that Verndale has a vacancy on the advisory board. It is a three-year term and they meet every two months. Weyer felt it would be beneficial to Verndale to be aware of what the Friendly Rider is doing because they come through town twice a day and had 2500 rides out of Verndale last year. Member Jim Runyan expressed his interest in joining the board.

Tri-County Building Project, Clinic Update

Tri-County Health Care President/CEO Joel Beiswenger, CFO Kim Aagard, and Advisor Tom Mayfield discussed the resolution for conduit financing through the city as they restart their building project. There is no liability to the city. This allows Tri-County to receive a lower interest rate on their loans. The $9.7 million is below the $10 million threshold and will not affect their bonding for the water tower project. The council approved the resolution of issuance of a healthcare facilities note for Tri-County Hospital. . .


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