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Verndale School offering many new fun summer activities

Students had fun making different sizes of their ultimate pancake batter during Kids in the Kitchen at the Verndale School on June 8.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Verndale School is offering a plethora of different summer school and summer enrichment programs in an effort to fight learning loss and summer slide effects on students.

Staff worked hard to come up with several different and fun ideas for kids to learn and use skills in a fun way.

One of the first to kick off was Kids in the Kitchen that was held June 7-10. Not only did the kids get to cook pancakes, pizzas, cupcakes, and Orange Julius beverages, they had to use their math skills, particularly fractions, and reading skills to make the delicious treats.

“It’s to keep their brain in school mode so there isn’t as much of a summer slide and to show them it’s not just about reading and doing a math worksheet. It’s about applying their skills in different ways that are fun,” said Teacher Angie Wallin.

She added it was also a way to do things that they couldn’t do during the school year due to COVID.

Wallin led the group and began with making mini-pancakes. Their first batch didn’t taste great as an ingredient was missing, baking powder. The students had to try different amounts of the ingredient to their pancake batter and taste test it to see what their ultimate pancake recipe would be. Using a rubric they ranked the pancakes based on taste, batter consistency, how much the inside and outer edges cooked, were the pancakes too thin or too thick, and more. . .



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