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Wadena County Commissioners: Approved resolution declaring Second Amendment dedicated county

A group of concerned citizens attended the Wadena County Commissioners meeting on February 18 to voice their opinion in support of the Second Amendment resolution.

by Trinity Gruenberg

A large crowd assembled at the Wadena County Commissioners meeting held on February 18. Following Roseau County, Wadena County approved a resolution declaring they are a Second Amendment dedicated county.

Commissioner Sheldon Monson said over the last two months he’s been asked to bring this resolution to the county board. Roseau passed a resolution last week. Monson got a signed copy of that resolution and it does not say “sanctuary” in the resolution. Each elected official takes an oath of office and is bound to uphold federal and state laws, the constitution and the county ordinances.

“This is not intended to take any authority away from our sheriff or county attorney in any form or fashion,” said Monson.

Due to the request by the public, he brought the resolution to the board for discussion.

Commissioner Jon Kangas also has been contacted about this. He added it’s a nationwide concern. He has been speaking with only Monson about this due to the open meeting law.

“I am personally concerned about some of the proposed state and federal regulations and what that can do to our country,” said Kangas. “There’s documented history of lots of problems in different parts of the world with gun control and confiscation and when people don’t have the right to defend themselves. Our Constitution gives us that right.”

He added it’s important to make this public stand so the legislators know where the county stands.

Audience Member John Finnegan explained he was asked by Kangas and Monson, because of his ties to the NRA, to speak with Representative John Poston and Senator Paul Gazelka about the resolution. . . .



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