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Wadena County Commissioners: Dehydrating jail walls, tax abatement policy and more

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on December 3.


Not the actual Wadena County Jail.

Michael Clancy with Renodry had completed a tour of the jail. They are dehydrating the Pipestone County Courthouse and jail.

They deal with rising moisture coming through the ground, climbing up the masonry walls and bringing salt with it that can disintegrate the foundation and cause paint to bubble and peel.

On the east wall of the jail there’s a lot of bubbling and peeling of the paint. They used a hydrometer to measure the moisture in the walls and got very high readings. It measures between zero to 200, and the highest reading of the east wall in the jail came in at 150.

The Renodry technology allows water to evaporate and uses gravity to push the water back down into the ground. This has been used for 30 years in Europe and their walls are still dry to this day. They have a three year guarantee that the jail will be dehydrated and a 25 year warranty. It would be a one time cost of approximately $7000.

Clancy explained if they install it now it would be dry by summer. . . .



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