Wadena County Commissioners discuss various topics

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on September 14.

COVID-19 update

County Engineer/Coordinator Ryan Odden discussed that interviews have been conducted for the screening station.

Odden and IT Director Dave Hotchkiss have looked at the Wadena National Guard Amory for short-term court operations. Odden has reached out to the armory to see if they can stage it for court administration to take pictures to see if the location will work for trials.

An application is being put together for their large courtroom to have small trials and reconfigure the room to allow for space accommodations. The application has not been approved yet.

Odden has contacted the Ag Society and they have not made a decision on the haunted house. Some of the members wish for it to continue. They would like Odden to coordinate a meeting between the Ag Society and Public Health to discuss what a preparedness plan would look like for the haunted house. They have been following procedures for their enduro and other grandstand events.

MnDOT transit had a grant available. The committee decided to have a person on standby with a vehicle to transfer suspected positive cases of COVID-19. This has only been used twice and the committee decided not to apply for the grant. . .

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