Wadena County Commissioners: Enduro races get the green light

by Trinity Gruenberg


The Wadena County Commissioners held their meeting on June 23. Commissioner Sheldon Monson was absent.

Enduro races back on at the fairgrounds

Ryan Odden, county coordinator/engineer, shared with the commissioners that the Ag Society/Fair Board had done significant work to the fairgrounds and changed fencing to help control foot traffic. The Ag Society asked to start the races on July 12.

He explained using the six foot distancing the grandstand could hold 32 people. With bleachers on each side of the track the number would be 80 total. This doesn’t include family/household units. He said the grandstand capacity is 425, at 25 percent capacity it would be 106.

Commissioner Jim Hofer commented it was a well prepared proposal. Their main discussion was on how it will be enforced and that they make a checklist to review after the event to see how it went.

County Attorney Kyra Ladd said that it has to be a set number not to exceed 25 percent capacity and that is for both the stands and the pits.

Darin Lehmann, president of the Ag Society, said according to the CDC if the seating area is fenced off and spectators cannot get into the pits, and as long as there is a distance between them, they are separate events.

Hofer said the committee accepted the proposal as the pits and seating area are two distinct events and the capacity of one would not affect the other.

Ladd said the 25 percent still applies to the pits.

Odden said it is an open parking lot, no seating.

Lehmann said they don’t plan on more than 50 cars, and two additional pit people per car. He said the most cars they’ve had was 47. . . .

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