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Wadena County Commissioners: Waste designation ordinance discussed at length

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena County Commissioners held their regular meeting on June 1.

Waste Designation Ordinance Public Hearing

Chris McConn, solid waste director, again brought forth the solid waste designation ordinance for Wadena County for the Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority. The five-county plan would ensure county-generated solid waste would help cover the cost of their portion of the PLMSWA ownership and prevent competition from bringing waste elsewhere.

The ordinance was prepared with the MPCA and has been discussed with the local haulers. This is the third public hearing for this as questions arose at previous meetings, such as can there be an exemption to take the waste to a different county if they are closer?

The attorney, Kevin Johnson, sent a memo that would give an exemption to those who are closer to another facility. Also, should residential residents be susceptible to the same penalties as haulers for taking waste elsewhere? They were told by the MPCA they cannot change that.

Commissioner Murlyn Kreklau asked if this ordinance was something they needed? What if they decide to change or get rid of the ordinance in the future do they need to go through the MPCA again?

Kyra Ladd, county attorney, said that was what this public hearing was for and it is within the commissioners’ power to change it. . .



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