Wadena Police Department finds social media post to be false

***Public Announcement 09-11-2020 ***

The Wadena Police Department was made aware of a Facebook posting regarding an incident that allegedly occurred in the City of Wadena yesterday afternoon, Thursday, September 10, 2020 in Burlington Northern Park, Aldrich Avenue SE.

Upon learning of this Facebook posting, law-enforcement knew immediately that there was never a call into dispatch for us to respond as this fictitious post indicates. So we investigated further into this allegation.

Officers have now spoken to the original person who created this post on Facebook and it was acknowledged that it was false and never happened.

We will be submitting this report to our prosecuting attorney's office for review of charges against the individual who originally posted this fictitious incident.

Our agency would like to strongly remind everyone to be cautious when sharing posts from random people on Social Media platforms. Had a situation like this actually occurred in our City, our agency personnel would have notified the public immediately, and shared that information through our Facebook page and our local Media resources as well.

Thank you to everyone and please share this media release from us!


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