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Welcome new Verndale Superintendent Jeannie Mayer

by Trinity Gruenberg

New Verndale School Superintendent Jeannie Mayer has hit the ground running in her first month in this position. With a notebook in hand, she has been learning the ropes and looks forward to the start of the school year.

“I feel like I have been at this forever even though it’s been 28 days,” said Mayer. “I have been learning so much. My learning curve is steep, but I am enjoying every moment of it.”

There hasn’t been a day that there haven’t been several people passing through the school that Mayer meets, which has been exciting for her.

She is appreciative of the staff at the school. Principal Katie Bolland has been a huge help to her, as well as Activities Director/Dean of Students Greg Johnson, and many others.

“Katie and I are a lot alike, so someone may have to tell us to find the brake pedal,” she chuckled. . .



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