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A happy hunt to remember

by Karin L. Nauber

It was an idea that Paul Johnson of Browerville had been toying with for several years. So, when on October 16, he made a post on Facebook about it, the idea was finally borne into reality.

“This is something I’ve thought about for the past five years and finally said I am going to do this. I feel blessed to have beautiful land and a lot of deer and I wanted to share my experience with others that are deserving that maybe were dealt a bad hand of cards in their lifetime,” he said.

Paul wrote his Facebook post with a kind of excitement and joy as he imagined being able to help someone enjoy one of his favorite activities.

“Ok. Here goes! Forgive me as I am not sure how to go about doing this.

“I know this is short notice as deer season is just days away, but I want to offer a totally free deer hunting experience for a less fortunate child who might be dealing with health issues or broken family issues. I don’t care what race, religion or sex they are, I just want to put smiles on faces! . . .


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