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A Matter of Perspective

Just when I thought I was getting everything right—I found out I was wrong!

I’ll admit that my life has been a chaotic mess since the onset of COVID-19 beginning with the lockdowns and illness and all that craziness. I feel like I lost . . . myself. I’m not sure how else to put it.

My life felt like I was living it on autopilot.

• Get up in the morning

• Get dressed

• Eat breakfast or not

• Work from home

• Stare out the window

• Listen to the news

• Take a nap

• Go to bed

• Repeat

There were shreds of joy and things that were different, but for the most part, I had somehow become a “bit” player in the movie of my own life!

I was like an NPC (non-player character) in a video game. I was just existing for the sake of the game, not really having a part of it or a stake in it.

My life became slowly unrecognizable.

Then some big changes began about a year ago and any resemblance of what my life had been was totally changed.

The realization that I had absolutely no control over my life came almost two weeks ago when an EF1 tornado swung through my part of town and uprooted trees along with what remained of my former reality.

Now, not only was my internal life unrecognized by me, but also my outward world.

So many changes! I can’t even begin to describe or tell them all to you. Let’s just say that the path of resistance has been cleared and I am free to make changes as I see fit because nothing is as I remember it.

I feel kind of what Dorothy must have felt when she landed in Oz after a tornado threw her house into that fantasy world—as nothing would ever make sense or be the same again.

I could click the heels of my “ruby slippers” and go back to the way things were, but at this point, I think I will remain in Oz for a while and see what happens. Actually, I will see what changes I want to make as long as I am in this midway between who I always thought I was and who I could become.

Stay tuned!


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