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A Matter of Perspective

Voter Fraud

I am going to reiterate this—if someone wants to commit voter fraud or tamper with an election they must be very crafty and low-down, sneaky cheats full of nefarious undertakings!

A few weeks ago I reviewed the election judge training and helped with the absentee voting at the care center.

This week I reviewed the head judge training.

I guess my brain doesn’t think like a criminal’s brain because with all of the checks and balances we have to do as election judges, I don’t know how one would do this fraudulently.

We have sealed envelopes and compartments and a minimum number of judges who have to be from different political parties. Of course, we could lie about that but to what benefit?

I understand the ideas behind election fraud but I must not have strong party affiliations like some do because I sure don’t see an easy way to commit fraud of this sort.

The process we have to go through to set up and hold the election is quite detailed. We have many steps we have to take to ensure an accurate count and an accurate election. As election judges, we take an oath to be fair, impartial and to not tamper or influence the voting at all!

I take this very seriously. All of the other judges I have met and talked with take this very seriously. We know what is at stake including the penalties against us if we deliberately attempt to partake in election fraud.

Quite honestly, I am afraid to break the law!

I know that this election cycle is an important one but I also know that they all are.

As a head election judge, I do promise you that I will be diligent in making sure that the vote in my precinct will be done fairly and justly. I don’t sign my name to something I am not comfortable with and I am quite certain beyond a reasonable doubt that my fellow election judges will be of the same mind-set. We want to see a good, fair election take place—no matter what the results.

By the time most of you read this article, the election will have come and gone but I assure you that we will have done our very best to host a fair and just election!


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