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A Matter of Perspective

I got a message from “The Universe” today. It went like this:

“Karin, never compromise a dream.

“Sure, take a step back, regroup, go bowling, but never compromise a dream.


“The Universe.”

It included a P.S.(Which stands for Postscript, in case you didn’t know.)

“P.S. Well, I don’t bowl much, Karin, but I love the shoes.”

Me too. The shoes are funky and colorful and just the right amount of “ugly” to make them look “cool.”

But I’m not going to write about bowling shoes or any other kind of shoes today.

I’m going to write about never compromising a dream.

I think many of us compromise our dreams in exchange for security.

Following a dream could mean that you are taking a chance at something that may not work out very well. But think about this: even something that is “sure” or “certain” may not be either one.

Any job that we work at was someone’s “dream” at one time. If they had chosen to not take a chance on their dream, you might not be working at that kind of job right now.

Every day we take a chance on something. We risk our lives sometimes going out the door of our house! We go to our jobs believing they will be there for us to work and that there will be work there for us to do.

My cousin once said he did not work at his job because he “liked” it. He worked at it because it (the money he made) made it possible to do the things he did like.

Sometimes I think about the dreams I have and I wonder if I have sacrificed too much by not following my dreams.

Other dreams that I have, I know I have made the right decision in either following them or not. But did I compromise the BIG dream for the promise of security?

Did you?

I can’t answer for you. But I am not going to beat myself up for not following every dream that fluttered through my mind. I will simply continue to work at the dream that I would call the BIG dream for this part of my life.

That BIG dream has been the consistent one throughout my entire life. That of writing a book that makes a difference in the world. I have the theme, now I just have to write it!

While I have not given up on the dream to write it, I have procrastinated in doing it for about a year now.

What is your BIG dream? What small thing can you do today to start reaching for it?

I’m sitting here staring at the blank page to start following mine...


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