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A Matter of Perspective

Time keeps on moving faster and faster it seems.

My dad once said of time, “It only costs your time—if that has any value.”

What he meant was that this thing I wanted to do didn’t cost money, but it did cost my time. If my time had value to me, then the thing I was doing would be valuable.

It was valuable.

Now I measure many of the things I do by that “yardstick.” If it takes my time, it has value.

I often waste time doing things that are of no value. I feel guilty when I do that because I know the value of my time. Sometimes I will tell myself that it is okay because I deserve a break now and then. But really, I think I should do other things to “spend” my time because of its value.

All of our time is measured in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes. I want to also measure mine by moments.

Having moments with other people. Helping them solve a problem. Hugging them if they need that. Hustling up if that is what is called for.

Lately, I have been feeling a little low. I have been wasting time. When I think about it, then I get sad again. I’m not immune to depression. I wish I was. But when I waste time, I feel like I sink a little bit lower.

Maybe I shouldn’t think so much!

But I do. That’s just me. I think about things. Perhaps you do, too. Perhaps wasting time is okay sometimes.

If time has value, we should all be thinking of ways to spend it wisely.

Maybe you have a hobby that you would like to turn into a part-time job (side hustle). Don’t just think about it—do it! That time you spent working on and developing your hobby is just the thing you needed to do and is not a waste at all even if you think it was while it was happening.

Because time does have value, I will just keep following the thinking of my dad, that my time—your time—has value and it is up to us to spend our time wisely!

I think I am going to pull out some old writing that I have done. I am guessing I can find valuable things within it. Maybe even something that can go into my current book I am working on.


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