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Accessory Dwelling Units could help seniors live close to family and remain independent

by Trinity Gruenberg

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) could be housing for adult children, aging parents, and even giving renters a place to live right on your property while giving them their own space.

AARP and the Central Minnesota Council on Aging held a webinar about ADUs and how they can help with the need for housing.

Samar Jha, senior legislative representative, AARP government affairs, explained what people over 50 think: 49 percent believe they will move to allow them to age independently; 55 percent would consider leaving their community to find one that is safer; 29 percent would move to a different community; and 18 percent would move into a different residence within their current community. While 69 percent would consider sharing a home with a family member, 54 percent with a friend and six percent with a stranger. . . .



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