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Browerville School Board: Board makes decision on rebuild option

by Karin L. Nauber

After about an hour of discussion on two revised options, the Browerville School Board made a decision on the least expensive of two options for the November 7 Bond Referendum for rebuilding the gymnasium.

The two options discussed were very similar but with around $200,000 difference in the total cost.

The option 9B for $15,961,750 included a reduction of $4,950,000 for the insurance amount. It took a while but the district finally got the number from the insurance company.

In a nutshell, option 9B includes in the base plan the stage on the west wall, lockers and support spaces on the lower level, main gym on the main level and upper level, walking track, lunch overflow/special education replacement space, wrestling room on the lower level.

Both plans include the walking track but at different costs.

Why different costs?

Here’s why.

The option 9B plan for the walking track is at a cost of $772,500. The option 4D walking track cost is $2,117,788 because of the need for the additional square footage that would have to be added to the main gym level to accommodate it.

In option 9B, the gym is already at a suitable size to accommodate the necessary square footage needed for the walking track.

Even with this, the cost is still less expensive in the option the board chose after another discussion with the Task Force. . .



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