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Clarissa City Council: Informational meeting draws a crowd

by Karin L. Nauber

A brief informational meeting was held on a potential project by the Clarissa City Council on the development of more lots on the hill by the water tower.

There were several citizens in attendance for the 35-minute-long meeting.

The project which has been through a feasibility report by Moore Engineering, Inc. has a base cost of nearly one million dollars to prepare the lots in a two-phase process. The total would be approximately $947,649.78 according to the feasibility study.

Each of the phase one lots (11 total for phase one) would cost approximately $45,000 each. The lots in phase two would cost an average of $63,000.

This would include water and sewer.

There would be additional costs to bring in electrical service, natural gas, and cable/internet/telephone services.

One of the prevailing questions/statements was the concern that this is Clarissa and it would be very “taxing” on the taxpayers to support this kind of project with no promise of return. . .


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