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Election results for Todd County

by Trinity Gruenberg

The 2022 midterm election was held on Tuesday, November 9, with 2,511,617 Minnesotans casting ballots.

Minnesota lost its top spot for voter turnout, coming in third with just over a 60 percent turnout of registered voters. Maine ranked second with over 61 percent and Oregon took the top spot with 68 percent.

The midterm election nationwide had democrats and republicans fighting for the majority power in the House and Senate. With key races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada still undecided as of November 11, the balance of power between the house and senate races is yet to be known, but republicans in both races appear to be taking the lead. The house has picked up four more democrats and 16 republicans. The senate picked up one democrat.

In Minnesota, the house remains under democrat control, and the Senate has flipped to democrat. For the first time since the 2013-2014 session, the governor, house and senate are all democrats. . .



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