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Grumpy Old Ganz

Friendship and caring builds bonds

Have you ever been at an impasse when it comes to a pet?

Many years ago we were between dogs, and wanting to add to our fur family, it was decided that we get some chickens, ducks, and geese. Guess we changed to a “feather” family!

As always, I made sure to reiterate to the kids that they should not get too attached.

However, the kids still decided they wanted to name them.

They also decided they wanted me to name at least one of our new feathered friends.

“How about ‘supper’?”...was the first thing that came to mind!

From the very beginning, there was one goose that seemed to take a liking to me and that’s when it turned ugly for almost everyone who entered the yard. She had a massive wingspan and an evil hiss.

It was at this point I named her “Black Nose”.

Over the course of time, Black Nose followed me everywhere...around the yard, into the woods, and to the car whenever I would leave home to head into town.

She would run after the car when I left, and upon returning, she would meet me in the driveway and lead the way to the house.

Every time I returned she would place her head on my knee as I talked to her and gave her a little stroke on the head. It was as if she was saying “welcome home”.

Black Nose and I clearly had a connection.

But, this presented a problem because she was extremely protective. The kids all fell victim to her “possessiveness” at one time or another.

The older she got the more protective she became.

One day, out of the blue, I thought...why not take her to town with me? So I did!

I opened the car door and in she went. I cracked the window for her and she took in all the sights as we drove to town.

When I got to town, the looks I received were priceless. Some people would walk by the car and take a closer look. Of course, Black Nose would just make a protective hiss at them.

Black Nose clearly had a strong bond with me. I find it somewhat amusing that bonds can sometimes grow from unlikely situations and friendships are formed from some unlikely situations. And, also, at times we are the ones picking and choosing, and at other times we are the chosen.


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