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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

July 17, 1996

The Clarissa Centennial Committees have been very busy. They have been working on writing a book recalling the history of Clarissa from the big events to the daily life happenings. They have been planning and organizing an all-school reunion to take place during the 1997 Clarissa Summerfest. They also have been practicing a play for this year’s Summerfest celebration. Also on the agenda is planning and organizing a museum to display items from Clarissa’s past.


Kirk Hayes of Clarissa spotted a brown bear on Saturday, June 15 at about 9:30 p.m. at the Spencer Hayes home. In the photo, Kirk is pointing to a scratch on the tree caused by the bear which is believed to be a cub from last year.

50 Years Ago

July 18, 1971

George F. Etzell, editor and publisher of the Independent, was elected chairman of the Sixth District Republican Committee at the convention held at Little Falls last week. The Sixth District is composed of 15 counties.


Richard Williams of Clarissa was listed among those discharged from the Armed Forces for the month of June.

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