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Historic Places in Todd County series: Christ the King added to register in 1985

The Christ the King Catholic Church has been a beacon for the weary and those who need a place to pray and worship for over 100 years.

by Karin L. Nauber

You can hear a bird twittering in a nearby pine tree followed by the tweet of another in the otherwise mostly quiet and tranquil grounds of the Christ the King Church in Browerville.

You might hear the muted sounds of traffic and an occasional horn honking.

During a normal school year, you would hear laughter echoing across the playground from the children at the Christ the King School which abuts the church.

Today, those sounds may be a bit different because of the effects of the stay at home order and social distancing brought on by COVID-19, but you can still hear the birds and the occasional traffic noises.

A walk around the historic church will introduce you to many sights and wonders as you revel in the beautiful sculptures which fill the grounds with the story of Christ from birth to death and resurrection.

The church itself is an architectural wonder with its spires reaching up to the heavens along with intricate work making the church a landmark in the city.

The church was formerly called St. Joseph, but was changed to Christ the King quite some years ago. . . .

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